Are You a Reactor or a Creator? And Why Does It Matter?

Have you ever watched an interview on TV with some celebrity or business tycoon, or read a biography 

of an accomplished person and wondered, “Wow, how did this person go from such a humble or miserable beginnings to becoming such a successful, influential, and happy human being?”

There are many such people in the world: Oprah, Nelson Mandela, or Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, to name a few. They started in poverty and became some of the most revered or wealthy individuals in the world.

When it comes to happiness and success, there are many paths one can take. You can become a great business person or a great parent. You can compose beautiful music or rule a nation. While there are endless paths to happiness, there are only two types of people, and only one type is likely to experience true happiness and success over a lifetime.

It doesn’t matter who they are, where they live and what their background is. When it comes to living a life they love, there are those who allow the circumstances of their life to dictate whether or not they will create a better life (reactors), and there are those who create the opportunities first, and then watch the circumstances of their life change to support those opportunities (creators).

If you’re a reactor, you let the conditions of your life run you. Your decisions about what you’re going to do to make your life more fulfilling and happy are based on the answers to these types of questions:

  • How much money do I have to work with?
  • What is my level of experience with that?
  • Who do I know that can show me how?
  • How much spare time do I have to accomplish that goal?
  • What will my friends and family think, or do, if I take action?
  • Am I good enough to have that?

Reactors are less likely to take action toward their dreams, unless the circumstances in their life align to create the optimum conditions for doing so, which they rarely (if ever) do. Therefore, reactors are less likely to be living the life they really love.

If you’re a creator, on the other hand, you don’t look at the circumstances of your life first before allowing yourself to take action. Instead, you begin with a vision, such as:

  • “I’m going to live in a house by the sea and smell the salty air every morning”
  • “I’m going to own my own restaurant and serve delicious food”
  • “I imagine that my soul mate is already out there looking for me, too”
  • “I will lose 20 pounds by the summer and look and feel great”

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling to get by, don’t have a college education or live in a small town where you know only a handful of people. You decide what it is you want first, then you watch your life unfold to bring your desire to fruition.

As a creator, you start with the end in mind, and watch over time as your conditions change. You meet someone through friends who turns you onto a seminar that sparks an idea that allows you to make more money at your job, which you then invest in something you read about and before you know it, you are living the life you really love.

Creators don’t worry about the HOW, they focus more on the WHY. They have a belief that whatever needs to happen will happen, and they don’t need to know how it will happen in order to believe it will happen. Instead, they immerse their thought into why they want what they want—perhaps they want to feel more alive, have more time with their children, have more adventures or be able to walk up the stairs without panting.

Creators have a belief that the circumstances of their life will somehow all fall into place, and they’re right. They will probably find the money somehow. They will likely meet the right people. They learn what they need to learn in order to make things happen.

On the other hand, reactors can’t get past the HOW. They worry that they don’t have enough time, money or connections to take action on their dream. Therefore, their life is a result of what happens TO them on a daily basis, instead of being the OUTCOME of the action they have taken.

There are those people who seem to have a tremendous sense of purpose and have created a level of freedom that very few people achieve. They travel where they

want to travel, they set their own schedule and they aren’t worried about money.

These people are not special. They’ve just learned to work with what all of us have, which is the ability to create, in ways that produces more freedom!

If you find that you’re a reactor more than you are a creator, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that it’s hopeless and that you’ll never live the life you have always wanted to live. It just means that you’re going to need a little bit more support and encouragement, and you’ll need to learn time-tested and proven strategies to get yourself unstuck and moving forward toward your dreams. With the Dream Builder course you’ll learn how to train your mind to break free of the habitual thought patterns that keep you in “reactor mode” and master the thinking strategies of a creator. You’ll no longer let fear and circumstances drive you, which means that you won’t sit around feeling defeated because you wonder why you lack motivation and follow-through when you set worthwhile goals for yourself.

You will learn the proven system that thousands of people have used to turn desire into opportunity, into action and finally into success! Regardless of how much of a reactor you are and have always been.

The Dream Builder is a place where you’ll get  support and encouragement for any dream you want to build. There’s no judgment.

When you surround yourself with encouragement and you learn tools and strategies that help you build momentum for your dreams and goals, you can become a creator—now and for the rest of your life. You don’t need to stack stuck, a victim of your circumstances. You can break free and build your own path and make a new way in the world. You don’t need to follow anyone, or wait until the “perfect time” before you can finally be happy.



Are you a Reactor or a Creator_ And Why Does It Matter_

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