Soul-utions / Transcending Patterns


For ambitious people to overcome blocks and live their fullest life.

A hands-on teaching experience in a small group setting.

I use my knowledge and  work’s professional structure as a

coach/therapist  visionary to help you create the stable

and healthy relationships you desire by discovery the underlying harmful

emotional dynamics that need to be transformed.


Starting Friday afternoon at 17.00
Saturday from  13.30 – 6.00

Sunday from 9.30 – lunchtime.
Full price 600 Euros
Early bird ( December 15) price 450 Euros
Only a few spots available
+Two Free Follow Up Webinars In February And March
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During the STP Seminar you will be led through these 4 stages:

  1.   Working on an emotional pattern in your life that needs to be changed
  2.   Creating a new, healthier pattern and building a vision to support it
  3.   Inserting the new pattern into the subconscious through stillness
  4.  Meditation and sound 


When we find ourselves up against blocks in life, it’s not always obvious what the cause of the block is.  We are all taught how to look for logical, black and white reasons and overcome issues with one step at a time.

But some problems, and therefore the solutions too, are not found in logic.  When what’s blocking our success is subconscious then we are effectively dealing with something that speaks a different language to us.

Our dreams talk to us in symbols about what’s happening in our subconscious mind – and these dreams are our first clue.  Using the Dreaming from Emotion method, accompanied by a powerful gong experience, we shake those emotions loose so you are allowed to dream more deeply and clearly than before.  Then taking those clues form your dream, we work on what emerges from your unconscious.

This will typically be a pattern that you see in multiple areas of your life; showing up everywhere from interpersonal relationships to how you perform in your profession.  Once this pattern is clear, we can begin to transition you into a new, more fruitful pattern of being that allows you to follow your dreams into a productive and happy future.

Create The Quiet Field

The place within you where emotions and mind are balanced.

To know how to nourish your emotional body is as fundamentally important as nourishing your physical body.

A necessary condition to understand others is to learn how to still the emotional body.

Once this happens you get mentally very clear and experience deep loving connections.


The science behind 

By changing your thinking you can cause the effect (according to the quantum model) that you want, without depending on external causes (as in the Newtonian model).

Recent neuroscientific experiments have shown that our mind reacts in the same way to experiences produced by external events or imagined experiences. The brain areas and activated neurons are the same, so the mind does not even distinguish between the emotion induced by an external situation and the imagined and therefore self-induced emotion.

Thus our brain is able to activate the same neuronal connections and emotions both through a truly lived experience and as a result of the same vividly imagined experience. Think for example of the biological and hormonal reactions that we have following simple imaginations, memories or fantasies. Like when we remember a fight or an argument and we get nervous as if we were there again and our body heats up and reacts, or when we have a sexual fantasy and our body alters only when imagined. In the same way, therefore, you can learn to feel sincere and profound feelings for something that you have not yet achieved and be intimately convinced you will get it.

Our clients who have been through this program report very fast and effective shifts in their awareness and behaviour, allowing them to overcome what was previously blocking them

If this resonates with you, then you are going to love the DFE Seminar.

By NOT pursuing our dreams, we are actually repressing our creative energy, and eventually we end up with our negative patterns undoing our efforts for growth.

The Experiment

The Still Point in your bones

Everyone has several rhythms in their body like cardiac rhythm, respiratory rhythm etc. Underneath those rhythms there is another one called CranioSacral Rhythm, that is occurring involuntary throughout all of our life. In this rhythm, your head gently expands and narrows and your spine gently lengthens and shortens in an effort to exchange and circulate cerebrospinal fluid to be filtered and renewed.

It is a very important fluid because it supplies nutrients, carries away waste products and acts as a protective fluid covering the brain and the spinal cord. When this rhythm is brought to a stop it enters a point of stillness where the bones stop moving and releases begin to occur, flashing out toxins and creating new and healthier connections in your body and your nervous system.The Still Point is usually reached through touching the body by using specific  craniosacral techniques. In our experiment we want to reach this same place without touching people.

We will explore the connection between the sound and the bones’ movement to induce a Still Point in all participants. We will use different exercises and techniques and have you work on each other so that you will be able to share this knowledge with your dearest people when going back home.

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Cristiana Durante

DreamBuilder certified professional coach and business partner of Mary Morrissey LifeSOULutions, specializing in the DreamBuilder method. Her long and intense journey of personal and professional growth has lasted more than 30 years and has brought her to integrate her knowledge as a CranioSacral and Somato-Emotional-Release therapist (certified by the Upledger USA institute) into her current work.
Cristiana defines herself as a path maker, she is a dream activator for visionary people. Her passion is to discover and rewrite limiting believes and patterns.
“It is only by connecting to what we really are in the depth of our soul that makes it possible to let our creativity rise.”