Dreaming from Emotion & Gong Bath 15-16-17 July 2022 in Toffia ( Rome , Italy )

I would like to sincerely welcome you to the workshop:
Dreaming from Emotion and the Gong‘s Experience
An intensive 3 half days event and 2 followup online sessions to check in and continue the momentum ( with audios – workbooks – exercises to do ) where Cristiana and Charlotte Lyngaae (from Copenhagen) will guide you through the 3 stages of building new emotions:

1) Discovering what emotion needs to be changed
2) Creating a new one
3) Inserting the new emotion into the subconscious through reprogramming and meditation with the gong

This workshop offers you the opportunity to transform a repetitive emotional pattern in your life, to experience something totally different from your ordinary life through the discovering and dreaming of what you really long for.

It is for those who are:
… open to connect with the invisible side of themselves.
… open to the truth.
… willing to say Yes to it.

We would love to have you with us.

There is avery inexpensive “Pensione ” nearby the studio .

The investment for the three half days event  – yoga lessons in the mornings – two online groups meeting with me ( dates to decide together) is:

350 euros early birds (until June first)

400 euros after that date.


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