How to shift your mindset

How To Shift Your Mindset

Haven’t we all felt the pain that comes from telling ourselves we’re going to do something to improve our lives, but then seeing months or years later that we are still living the same life and that not much has changed?

What if the problem isn’t you?

What if the problem is that you haven’t had the support or the awareness to change the autonomic system inside of you that governs how much success and ease you experience in life? That autonomic system is called “mindset.”

Very few people consciously install their mindset. It’s something that’s installed for us as we grow up—by observing what our parents say and the way they live their lives (or what our friends say, or what we hear from the media). Before long, we have a pretty solid mindset about who we can be and what we can do and how much success we can have.

As we go through life, we start to notice that there are those who have more success, more freedom and more fun than we’ve been having. We wonder if we can also have more freedom, fun and success. We set a goal and try our best to attain it, but more often than not, find ourselves stuck in the same place. It’s as if someone has set an upper limit to how much we allow ourselves to experience, much like the setting on a thermostat that keeps a room from getting too hot or too cold.


So how do you shift your mindset and pry yourself loose? How do you turn UP that thermostat to success?

 First, you have to take a look at all your past failures and take a deep breath and say to yourself, “That was then, but this is now.”

Next, consider some goal that you have. It can be a relationship goal, a health goal or a goal pertaining to your career. Pick a goal that you’ve had before but didn’t attain because procrastination got in your way or because you didn’t think you had what it took to achieve it.

The value of any goal isn’t for the attainment of that goal (although that’s nice), but for the growth that happens within you as you stretch from someone who can’t achieve a goal to someone who can.

Notice that once you select that goal, there’s a voice that might arise and tell you about all the reasons why you can’t have what you want. This is called your “upper limit.” This voice keeps your thermostat stuck on living the life you’ve been living, even though you want to achieve more. You want to have greater freedom and flow in your life. At that moment, when the voice of why you can’t kicks in, tell that voice, “I’ll talk to you later. Right now I’m focused on being the woman (or the man) who achieves what I want to achieve.”

Then do something powerful. Sit down and write three baby steps; think of what you can do to achieve your goal. These are baby steps—something you can accomplish in five minutes. Your mind may tell you that baby steps aren’t enough and won’t get you anywhere, but that’s not true!


Baby steps can take you all the way up Mt. Everest if you’re methodical and persistent.

As soon as you accomplish those three steps, write down three more steps to take. And so on.

If you do this, I promise you that within two to four weeks, you’re going to find that your “normal” has changed. You’ll feel better about yourself. Your sense of confidence will have improved.

There is no person on earth who gets more than 24 hours in a day or has more potential than any one of us. If they’re more successful, it’s because they have more awareness and more tools to turn that potential into results.

And now, you too, have the simple tools to turn your potential into success.

Cristiana Durante

How To Shift Your Mindset

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