Signs that the law of attraction works

Oftentimes, people give up on the Law of Attraction because they become tired of waiting for their dreams to materialize.

When in reality, they’resimply not aware of the signs that the Universe is actually listening.

Sometimes these signs are so subtle that it can be challenging to spot them right away, but once you’re aware of what to look for, you’ll start seeing them everywhere. 

Be consistent with the Law of Attraction and then keep an eye out for these signs that prove you’re on the right track:

1) You feel guided by your intuition. You might say something before someone else does, or you might be certain that something is going to happen before it does. 

2) You start having mystical experiences. Spirit guides start showing up in your life in the form of animals, images or symbols.

3) You sleep better. Your dreams become more vivid, and you fall asleep easier. 

4) You attract money from multiple sources. Whether you find a penny on the street or receive a surprise check in the mail, these are signs you’re tuned in with the frequency of abundance.

5) You experience synchronicity. You start naturally attracting all the resources, opportunities and right people into your life, without any effort.

On the other hand, if you’re taking action and you’re still continually facing obstacles along the way, then it may be a sign to step back and revalue the decisions you have make.

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