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Dreaming from Emotions & Gong Bath January 24/26 2020 in Reykjavík (Island)

We would like to sincerely welcome you to the workshop: Dreaming from Emotions and the Gong‘s Experience An intensive 2 ½ days event where Cristiana and Áshildur will guide you through the 3 stages of building new emotions: 1) Discovering what emotion needs to be changed 2) Creating a new one 3) Inserting the new emotion into the subconscious through reprogramming

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June 22 2019 Reykjavík (Island) Dreaming from emotions and Gong bath

“go deeper into the unknown” with Cristiana and Áshildur Hlín Valtýsdóttir In this workshop Cristiana will introduce you to the basic principles of her work as a Dream Builder. You will understand better how to start building your dreams in the area you want to change the most through a practical and specific  process. Using  your mind in a disciplined and appropiate way is a refined

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Sabato 30 marzo 2019 Sognando dalle emozioni e il suono del grande Gong in titanio

Introduzione al lavoro di Ahschlidur work.      Workshop Sognando dalle emozioni & Gong Bath  E’  con gioia che ti invito al workshop che si terrà sabato 30 Marzo a Roma dalle 12.30 alle 18.30 a Via della Giustiniana 959 (villa 20 A).     Collega la tua intenzione  al subconscio attraverso il Gong bath ( bagno di suono). Identificherai

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