June 22 2019 Reykjavík (Island) Dreaming from emotions and Gong bath

“go deeper into the unknown” with Cristiana and Áshildur Hlín Valtýsdóttir

In this workshop Cristiana will introduce you to the basic principles of her work as a Dream Builder. You will understand better how to start building your dreams in the area you want to change the most through a practical and specific  process.

Using  your mind in a disciplined and appropiate way is a refined work of art,  we are all  creators  shaping life from our  thoughts.

Ashlidur with her graceful and peaceful  presence  will know  how to dive very deeply  into those Theta waves  sounds in wich we were emotionally programmed when very little ( before seven years of age) to leads us past them.

Dreaming and defining (with Cristiana) your reality through emotions –

You will be concentrating on the specific  issue  you will want to transform  ( once you enroll you will receive a questionary) You will be lead into inner stillness through exercises , meditations and the sound of the two great Gongs ( Ashildur).

Our aim is to help you to become more conscious of what you need to transform  by reaching  into the depth of the unconscious in order to change those programs or images  you hold.

Our desire is to help you  substitute old emotional dependencies  and reprogram your brain.

This unique workshop that we did in Italy few months ago moved people’s emotions and feeligs  beyond our aspectations.

The conjunction of the Dream Builder with the Gong’s sound bath was very effective and brought the audience into unexplored places.

Opening the mind  through dreaming  and the sound waves of the Gong  made possible for people to break old patterns, reseat them and create more inner balance.

I hope it will have the same transformative effect on you, of increased awareness and inner freedom,  if you decide to join us.


Coaching tools on how to identify and create a vision .

Dreaming emotions


Hold space for healing  emotions through Gong’s Bath.

Cristiana has been doing this work as a creative – mind coach for the past 30 years.

She is originally from Rome, has a back ground in liberal arts studies and started her career  working for televison’s  programs.

She mooved  to the United States in her late twenties and got very interested in the study of the body- mind connection. She has been using the Somato Emotional -transformational Tecniques  learned at the Upledger Institute (where she become   certified as a Craniosacral Therapist) for  twenty years.

She took  her  certification as a Dream Builder  Coach  with Mary Morrissey  in Los Angeles nine years ago and she is proud to be a partner of her Life Mastery Institute.

She works as one to one coach in Italy and abroad, loves her Master Mind Groups, prefers to create workshops for small groups of people , have a closer relationship with them and  go  deeper into the transformational  work .


Ashildur  has the exquisite ability to perceive the unseen, she is very good in  helping people to find harmony and balance deep down through the use of sound. She graduated from the University of Iceland in sciences.

In addition she  studied psychology and has a strong back ground in music (played the piano for eight years).

She does a lot of work for her community, both through politics and the schools councils of her four brilliant children.

She discovered the Gong a few years ago, a truly unique tool through which she combines all her  life experiences.

One of his gongs is the traditional Paiste, made of copper (70%) whilethe other is handmade by a third-generation silversmith in Germany, intitanium (100%).They are both unique in their own way and she plays them together. If you are resistant to change, you will be challenged by this two  gongs that requires you to let them do without interfering.



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