Our inner life “Adventure”

Let’s start this year as a wonderful adventure in our inner life.

I choose “Inner Adventure” as one of the primary needs for this year work since Covid has taken from us the possibility to travel.

Look at your life as an adventure as if you are to navigate a new landscape. Even if you experience roadblocks along the way ( paradigms and so on),know that any change comes with a bit of chaos and destruction. If an old structure is dissolving, don’t resist its demise. Know that there is a new creation wanting to burst forth from the vacuum.

We are living in a new  and unique historical time and can use it to build our inner landscape, a different  frequency, a completely new potential and opportunity to experience  life.

We can look at new containers, support systems, attitudes, beliefs, and different  ways to create a new set-up for ourselves.

A new “set-up” is different than a re-set as it implies something brand new rather than re-starting something that is already existing.

Instead of just replacing  the parts of your old boiler and fixing it , we are actually ready to buy a new one, an upgrade for the old one that no longer serves us well.

We are stretching ourselves to have this upgrade, to feel worthy of it and to trust that the resources will be there to support it.

We are in a completely different time with different energy and the potential for completely shifting everything.

We need to release the old structures ( and with this I intend also our mind’s)  we can allow ourselves to go to the next level and bring in something new and improved.

This can be  scary and exciting at the same time. A New Start  comes from a new idea, needs a new container and a new support system. It requires a new brand, new organization and a new set of intentions. And it requires a deep inner trust as you take the risk into something new.

Even if you keep the details of your life much the same, it is important to infuse your daily routines with a change that comes from within you, your perception of things and situations that allows for something different.

The most significant new start will come from within.

As we are still living  in a fragile time that, for many people, creates  uncertainty , we may experience some chaos, a necessary side product of dissolving old structures.

Sometimes you have to turn old things upside down to see your way through them to something new.

This new sense of self and of how you perceive the world need to be seeded from the inside.

We are shedding the skins of old personal and societal imprints, and stretching our wings in freedom to make choices from within about who we are, what we want, and whom we want to be with.

If you were to create and start a new business, you would first come up with a new idea. Then you would build a container around this idea and bring in the necessary support, your team of allies and experts to help you create the foundation and structure of your start up. In our case the new start is related to your own life and your personal expression of it.

Find balance between allowing inspiration, clarity and support to come to you, and proactively creating what you are clear about and wish to manifest.

How do you build a good container?

Make sure that you bring in all the elements that will support you in the best way possible.

Creativity comes from within, the inspiration comes from within, the desire comes from within, the clarity comes from within, and the intuition that you are on the right track comes from within.

This is not to say that you cannot have confirmation from the outside. You will receive plenty of signs when you are on the right track. Pay attention to them and trust.

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