Our inner life “Adventure”

Let’s start this year as a wonderful adventure in our inner life. I choose “Inner Adventure” as one of the primary needs for this year work since Covid has taken from us the possibility to travel. Look at your life as an adventure as if you are to navigate a new landscape. Even if you experience roadblocks along the way

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Are You a Reactor or a Creator? And Why Does It Matter?

Have you ever watched an interview on TV with some celebrity or business tycoon, or read a biography 


How to shift your mindset

How To Shift Your Mindset Haven’t we all felt the pain that comes from telling ourselves we’re going to do something to improve our lives, but then seeing months or years later that we are still living the same life and that not much has changed? What if the problem isn’t you? What if the problem is that you haven’t

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Signs that the law of attraction works

Oftentimes, people give up on the Law of Attraction because they become tired of waiting for their dreams to materialize.


Exercise to identify your dream #1

Mark Twain once said he could teach anyone how to get what they want; he just couldn’t find anyone who truly knew what they